RVM Maintenance & Troubleshooting Tips

Further to our Retailer webinar on 28 March, Re-turn is pleased to share RVM maintenance and troubleshooting tips for retailers with RVMs.

Regular maintenance of your RVM must be a priority to ensure it remains operational and available to consumers at all times. Maintenance protects your investment and the associated income it generates.

A fully functional RVM will ensure customer retention while having an RVM that is not working at optimum levels may result in loss of customers and revenue.

The summary guides provide links to RVM maintenance videos and guidance documents from RVM suppliers.

The RVM Maintenance Obligations and Troubleshooting Tips document may be accessed here.

The RVM Maintenance & Troubleshooting Tips document for staff may be accessed here.

Our Membership team are on hand to help and provide support and may be contacted at:

Tel: ROI Lo-call 1800 852 752;  UK +44 800 031 8877

E-mail: retailers@re-turn.ie