Retailer Brand Assets

Re-turn are pleased to share the Retailer Toolkit Brand assets and RVM Brand Assets with all Retailers preparing for go live of the Deposit Return Scheme on 1 February 2024.
Retailers are advised to review the Retailer Toolkit Brand Guidelines which offers guidance on how these brand assets may be used. The Guidelines also provide sample templates for till receipts, reflecting the legislative requirements to display the Deposit Fee as a ‘separate line item’ and SEL samples reflecting wider European legislation. The guide may be viewed and / or downloaded here.

The Retailer Toolkit brand assets include optional POS elements, such as shelf wobblers, pull-ups, and checkout dividers, in addition to brand assets required for RVM branding, which must be adhered to as part of Re-turn Membership Rules.
The Retailer Toolkit and RVM Brand Assets may be downloaded here.